TelexPhone 1.1:
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What do I need to join the TelexPHone Network?

  • Teleprinter with control unit following the old German (international, too) telex standard TW39, adjusted to 50 baud, 2-wire, single-current.

  • Suitable machines are for example:
    Siemens: T37, T68d (writes on paper tape), T100, T100S
    SEL/Lorenz: Lo15, Lo133(Automatik)
    RFT: T51, T63, F1100, F2000(A)
    The electronic teleprinters Siemens T1000, SEL Lo2000/2001 etc. may be used with minor modifications. Please ask if you want to use one of these machines!

    Notice: Sometimes you find teleprinters adjusted to 45 baud (by people using the device for rtty) - that's no problem but must be fixed. We may help you.

  • TelexPhone circuit board.


  • ITU V.21 compatible modem.
  • Our standard model is called Highscreen (Creatix) LC2496. No problem getting it on eBay (or anywhere else).

  • Current-loop source (ca.60 - 180V, 40mA)

  • Telephone line supporting pulse dialling (important!) which should be online 24/7 :-)
    This telephone line may be a telephone system's port, too.

  • Some mounting examples (in German)

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