What's new ?
10-01-2007 Added Lo3003 to the SEL/Lorenz pages.
Some minor corrections here and there.
New link added to the Links page.

05-12-2006 After a long time of lazyness finally some life back on the pages... :-)
First works were updates on the Link page
A few dead links removed and new ones added. Latest changes will be marked from now on.

October 10th, 2003 English version of TelexPhone website is online.

January 21th, 2003 added T1000 instruction manual to download section.

November 7th, 2002 Complete site had been undergoing a total revision.
English pages have been updated to latest German version.
TelexPhone project pages
have been updated. Added some new Links.

April 19th, 2002 Recent updates have been made on German pages only. If you are looking for something new, please have a look there.
October 18th, 2001 Added new images for T37 and T1000 to the Siemens page.
Added TELEX-HISTORY page in English.
Added wiring diagrams for Lorenz T32Lo and Siemens T37.
April 9th, 2001 Added Hasler SP 20 to the TELEPRINTER page.
March 16th, 2001 Installed a message board (forum) to the German (Deutsch) version.
Added Siemens T150 to the TELEPRINTER page.
March 14th, 2001 Added content to TRANSTEL, OKI and PHILIPS page.
August 2nd, 2000 Website relaunched. German version online. New domain name: www.teleprinter.net
September 2nd, 1999 Added a photograph of the SEL Lo133 teleprinter.
July 7th, 1999 Added two new photographs of the RFT T53 tape reader.
June 15th, 1999 Added Larry`s (VK6CP) CREED page.
June 3rd, 1999 Due to a hack-in into our server-system all guestbook entries are lost. So you are welcome to write new comments. Thank you !
May 12th, 1999 Added a new link to Swedish Telecomm. Museum
May 10th, 1999 Added three new links
May   6th, 1999 First step of my museum is open ! - Have Fun !

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