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RTTY and teleprinter links
RTTY.COM Lots of useful information about American teleprinters and RTTY terminal units and a great collection of RTTY art.
NADCOMM North American Data Communication Museum
VK6CP Teleprinters/Telex from Australia
HELL Association Kiel  NEW 05.12.2006 Association of friends and promoters "Technical Collection Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell"
New Zealand Police teleprinter networks  NEW 05.12.2006 History and timeline of the New Zealand Police teleprinter networks
KA4RSZ collection Another nice collection of teleprinters and terminal units.
HeavyMetal PC to teleprinter software
TUX2TTY-Seite PC to teleprinter software for Linux
Buffalo Central Terminal Buffalo Central Terminal Telegraph Office. Nice historical photographs circa 1959 to 1964.
RTTY WX frequencies Still on air! 50 baud wx broadcast from German Weather Service.
ZL1BPU's Hell page Everything about HELLschreiben mode.
DH7UAF's Homepage Lots of useful ham radio links. (German)
JK1VXE's RTTY collection JK1VXE's RTTY and teleprinter collection (Japan)
Friden Flexowriter Website Friden Flexowriter Website
Fernmeldemuseum Aachen (Germany) Telecommunications Museum Aachen - Telex collection (German)
Netherland's Forces Museum - communications department Netherlands Forces telecommunications museum (Dutch)
DL4TA Homepage TTY punch emulator. Austrian telegraph (Telex) information (German)
Bertrand's Sagem SPE 5  NEW 05.12.2006 Nice website showing a Sagem SPE 5, with short movie of the working machine :-)
A company's TELEX memories  NEW 10.01.2007 An illustrated TELEX user's history by a US based company.
Greenkeys Mailing List Greenkeys is a mailing list devoted to the discussion of older teletype gear including mechanical teleprinters etc. To join the list, send eMail as follows:
BODY: subscribe greenkeys

(Morse) telegraphy links
THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE Really all about (Morse) telegraphy with lots of links.
W1TP Key Collection keys, keys, keys...
DK5KE DK5KE`s Telegraphy Homepage

Other interesting sites
Hachti's H316 pages Philipp has got a 1960s vintage minicomputer. Visit his nice website!

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