Beside LORENZ, the SIEMENS company was one of the inventors of the German TELEX network.

They started production of teleprinters end of the 20's. At the right you see their mechanical teleprinter products over the years.

Siemens T 25                           1930-1932

Electrical tapeprinter
operating to the start-stop system with 29er alphabet (not yet ITA2),
typedrum printer,
speed 45,45 bauds
4-row QWERTZ (German) keyboard
double current transmitter and receiver
machines produced: 223
Siemens T 25

Siemens T 36                           1931-1945

Electrical tapeprinter
(further development of the T 25)
now ITA2 alphabet
typedrum printer
speed 50 bauds
4-row QWERTZ (German) keyboard
machines produced: aprx. 8000

From this machine the "Geheimschreiber T52" was developed.

Siemens T 36

Siemens T37                                1933 - 1960
5 level (bit) Baudot code
page printer
speed 50 (45) bauds = 66 (60) wpm
type basket printing mechanism
wiring diagram

Late ASR from 1960

Siemens T loch12             circa 1950 - 1965
5 level (bit) Baudot code
manual tape perforator
used in 50's and 60's
One of my collection

Siemens T send 61             circa 1950 - 1965
5 level (bit) Baudot code
separate tape distributor
speed 50 (45) bauds = 66 (60) wpm

often used together with early T37 machines
which had no own tapereader

Siemens T 68                                 1951 - 196?
5 level (bit) Baudot code
tape printer
speed 50 (45) bauds = 66 (60) wpm
metal type cylinder printing mechanism

Available also as typing reperforator machine.

This machine was widely used in
German Telegram Service by the German "Bundespost".
Early two-tape ASR model

Siemens T 100                            1958 - 198?
5 level (bit) Baudot code
page printer
speed from 45 bauds (60 wpm) up to 75 bauds
(100 wpm) by changing the gear sets.

type basket printing mechanism

This is the most popular Siemens machine, built in numerous versions and cases. Also used as input/output terminal at early computers with special computer Baudot code.

Built in license in Chechoslovakia until the 80s.
Late ASR model

Siemens T 150                            circa 1973
T150 ASR                                            
5 level (bit) Baudot code
page printer
speed 50/75/100 bauds

type basket printing mechanism

The T150 is a semi-electronic machine with an electronic keyboard and an electronic (TTL logic) coding and decoding unit. The machine is powered by a 1400 rpm induction motor, but the timing is crystal controlled. Speed is switchable between 50 - 75 and 100 Bauds. Printing unit is the type basket printer of the T100 series.

Not many machines were produced of this type. Only a few countries gave approval for TELEX use, not even Germany gave approval for its TELEX network.

Main usage was in private networks like police, government or in radio networks (government, marine etc.)

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