Einige "historische" Fotos von DF3OE:

In 1978 at the age of 14 I got my first teleprinter machine, a Siemens T37e. I used it for RTTY (ham radio teletype). I was so fascinated from this noisy monster that the love to these machines lasts until now.
For this photo from 1980 I put together all equipment I could find. Beside my FT-101E is my homemade RTTY t.u. with built in tuning scope.
This was my LORENZ Lo15b with tape reader and perforator in a beautiful wooden case.Notice the white keyboard.
My shack in 1985: Siemens E-410 gen.cov. receiver with Heathkit band scope, FT-101E, RTTY t.u. and Siemens T150 semi-electronic teleprinter.

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